• For bookings telephone Charlie on 01606891209 or Paul on 07737615022 (for dances our fee starts at around £350 and depends on the distance we have to travel). The Flying Corradinos are an exciting Cheshire barndance band. We play fiddle and mandolin based folk music (the sort which really gets your feet moving!) and are keen to help our audience dance and have a fantastic time.

    At our dances you don't need to be experienced, the emphasis is firmly on having fun (we are experts on providing barndances for beginners).

    We come from a rock background so there is a serious level of rhythm and groove to what we do. We know everyone likes to dance, they just need some help so they feel comfortable doing it...

    For this reason we have our own caller, Karl Miller, who explains the dances clearly with a keen sense of fun - there is a lot of laughter at our events!

    Our music is broadly traditional and we can perform songs between dances (indeed we perform at events other than dances when the opportunity arises!). Our tunes are mainly from the British Isles and the USA (the overall sound has an american flavour bordering on bluegrass and cajun).

    The Flying Corradinos Cheshire Folk Band

    Folk is a broad term and when we sing we tend to occupy the americana/bluegrass side of things. Actually though we like anything which  which has a strong melody.

    The Flying Corradinos Cheshire Hoedown Band

    "Hoedown" = a social gathering at which lively folk dancing takes place (Oxford dictionaries) - so that's us, western clothes are optional...

    Flying Corradinos Cheshire Ceilidh Band

    "Ceilidh" = a social event with Scottish or Irish music and singing, traditional dancing and story telling  (Oxford dictionaries) - that's us too, though we promise to go easy on the story telling...

    We also play songs which comes in useful between dances or if you just fancy a band for an event (wedding party, festival, barbecue etc.) without a dance. Our songs feature harmony vocals (we like the general well known bluegrass and folk songs...).

    There is an audio player at the bottom of this page if you would like to hear some samples. If you would prefer to see a video you will find a button in the list on the right of this page.

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