The Flying Corradinos Barndance Band (formerly Wagonwheel) are an exciting fun-loving barn dance band from Northwich in Cheshire. Our music is firmly rooted in the tradition with rock, bluegrass and contemporary influences.  
    We have our own caller, Karl Miller who leads the dances in his own amicable, humourous style and is very patient with beginners (to be honest its a laugh a minute!).
    One of the aims of the band is to show people to how much joy can be had from traditional dancing (we thoroughly enjoy what we do - infectious enthusiasm pervades every aspect of our performance).  The emphasis is on everyone having a good time.
    You can call us a Cheshire barndance band, Cheshire hoedown band or even a Cheshire ceilidh band. Barndances, hoedowns and ceilidhs are pretty much the same thing (an excuse for a lot of fun!).
    A typical barndance or ceilidh starts with some dancing for 30 - 45 mins, there is then a break for food. Once everyone has eaten the dancing recommences until the end of the evening. In all we normally play for about two and a half hours. [This is supplied as a guide to give a rough idea of the usual timings, we are happy  to configure the event to your requirements!]
    When you book us you can be sure your evening will really rock and reel!